L'aiguille en fete 1: my displays

On Feb.14 we got home from Paris where we participated in a wonderful fair called "L'aiguille en fete" (the festival of needles).

The show was held near the station of "Porte du Pantin" which was on the same line (Line 5) as the closest one from the hotel.

It was open from 9:30 am to 7pm on Thursday and Friday, from 10am to 7pm on Friday and from 10am to 5pm on Sunday. As we had to wake up early every morning, we had croissant and apple pies for our breakfast in our room, which we got at our favorite bakery nearby.

Walking up stairs of the station, there it was. The fair was waiting for us!


Paris was actually colder than we had imagined. We heard that a cold wave had hit wide areas of Europe so we brought as many hot patches (Hokkairo in Japanese) as we could.

On the 2nd floor, there were my displays.

It formed like a u-shape, so we hung 2 quilts on the outside of the walls and the other 7 quilts on the inside.

Maybe it is unclear to see them because of the dark lights.

If French people pronounced "Masako", the sound would be like "Mazahko".
No wonder why it happened ...

 What a shame!

The French don't seem to hesitate to praise somebody! I was complimented on my works very much. I had never been told "C'est magnifique" so many times right to my face:-)

Yet they like crochet and embroidery, they had never seen quilts like mine which had a combination of knitting and quilting.

Without Catarina, Marylene and Claire, it would not have been realized ...
Merci beaucoup!!!


Bricolosdulundi said...

You were welcome and we were so happy for you that you could show your wonderful patchworks !! It was a great time even if we did not take time to have a french diner alltogether !! Too tired and too far from home to organise something ...
Next time !

Pilar Marquez said...

Dear Masako. I'm an spanish woman who went with other two friends to de fair in Paris last weekend. I have to say that we were really surprised when we saw your quilts. We liked them so much, for the combination of different things like patch, knitting, crochet, etc., as well as for the colours, the story that your quilts tell, and the very little tiny pieces. (as a matter of facts a asked there who the author was and said you are a very patient person). I repeat we were nicely surprised by your works. Congratulations.
Pilar Marquez (Madrid - Spain)
(pilarmarquez3 @ gmail.com.
My friends' blogs are:
and losbordadosdemariajesus.blogspot.com)