Please come visit us

Since most of you checking this English version blog live outside Japan, I assume, I would like to share some photos of our shop located in Kawasaki, which is very close to Tokyo.


A 6-7 minute-walk from the Hirama station of the JR Nambu line leads you to CRIB QUILT. This blue house stands out in the neighbourhood.

This mail box receives letters and packages from you!

Entering the house, you find Masako's collection of thimbles which she got when traveling abroad.

Mainly we have the fabrics of "American Country" collections which Masako has designed and some from the US which she placed orderes for in Houston.

There are antiques that Masako also bought in the US which can tell us her world.

 This is a handmade cupboard which was displayed at the Tokyo Dome Show some years ago.

As we celebrated the 25th anniversary, the quilt is now hanging on a blackboard. It looks happy as if it was congratulated "Happy Birthday" by many people!

If you ever have a chance to come to Tokyo, please put "CRIB QUILT" in your "places to visit" list!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful shop with beautiful fabrics.

Bricolos du lundi said...

I will think about it ....
Thanks for this overview of your shop !
have a good day