Just arrived!

On the 11th of March 2011 we discussed what we could do for victims with Marylene, and we decided to start this project "Anata to Watashi no Quilt" (Patch for Japan) and announced it here on the 18th.

It has been a year.

Finally the quilts from Ruette, Belgium and crochet blankets from Paris have arrived at Yoko's quilt shop, "NASA".

12 boxes were unloaded from a truck

The shop must be filled with the quilts!

The blankets, and Yoko's customers and friends who got them

There are so many choices! They all differ from each other so it would be hard to pick only one out.

We are happy that they can get them in time for the continuing cold weather.


Maryse said...

waouhhhhhh good news
I'm very Happy for you
see you soon

Bricolos du Lundi said...

So happy !!

http//:simplevert.skyrock.com said...

I am happy that the quilts have arrived in Japan !
I made some squares last year. Hope it will be useful !
They are beautiful.

Simplevert from Belgium

Leelou said...

So happy to see our participation arrived !!
thank you to relate all this story And pleased to "meet" some beneficiaries who choose
Sorry of my bad english.....

Best wishes
Leelou of France (Hautes-Alpes)

Isabelle Kessedjian said...

kiss from Paris ;)

Tine said...

oh ! je suis émue, c'est du bonheur d'imaginer leur joie ;-) merci pour le reportage
oh! I am moved, it's happiness to imagine their joy ;-) thank you for the report

Stephanie said...

I'm so happy that they finally arrived... The women seams so happy to have one blanket.. It's m'y little seed of hapiness for today... Please show us a lot of pictures!!!

Eve said...

Nous sommes très heureuses que toutes les couvertures soient arrivées à destination : une aventure solidaire qui nous a permis de créer du lien d'un côté et nous espérons de "réchauffer" le cœur des Japonais de l'autre. Evelyne

Anonymous said...

Thank you Masako for those wonderful pictures !

Crochetons pour le Japon said...

So happy they arrived !!
Please send us other photos ... so much emotion here in EUrope to see these photos ..
It gives sense to all this project , and all this year of organizing this project!

Ornella said...

Very happy the blankets arrived safely until you!

Quilt ranch said...

Super, je suis contente qu'elles soient enfin arrivées !