Yoko in one of French papers "la-Croix"

While we participated in " l'aiguille en fete ", which was a well known craft show about everything with needles in Paris at the middle of February, editors of "la-Croix" visited Ishinomaki and stopped by Yoko's quilt shop.

It appeared in yesterday's paper in color!
It is a shame that we don't speak French ... If you are a French reader, you can get more info here! 

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crochetjapan said...

It explains what Yoko has done with her friend Masako from Tokyo with all these squares .. how people live in Ishinomaki now, how the blankets are exhibited and how she and victims of Ishinomaki will thank back every one ..
But Masako, could you please send me very very quickly Yoko's phone number .. I tried to send you email but they come back !