Shipped out!

On the night of March 17th the quilts and crochet blankets were shipped out to Narita airport in Japan!

The total weight was 155 kg which was not as heavy as we originally had thought.
12 boxes should be arriving at the airport by now.

The boxes are supposed to be delivered to Yoko's quilt shop in Ishinomaki, not via CRIB QUILT in Kawasaki, but we have one big problem.

As this project is a charity, we are trying to avoid customs duties but Japan customs asked us  to show something which verified that the quilts and blankets would reach victims.

I'm still not sure how it will go so I will keep you posted.

We have sold a set of 4 postcards of "Anata to Watashi no Quilt" (Patch for Japan) to raise money for shipping.

Even after Yoko receives the quilts, we will keep selling the cards to help people living in Ishinomaki. I think it is our duty to care for each other, especially in such a harsh time.
It has been only a year since the natural disaster happened.

And I would like to thank all who have already joined it.

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Tine said...

j'ai h√Ęte de les voir sortir des cartons ;-)