The daily YOMIURI

In one of the largest national newspapers in Japan, "The daily YOMIURI" , "Anata to Watashi no Quilt (Patch for Japan)" is informed this morning.

In the middle of November, an editor of Yomiuri emailed us to know our activity better then all of us went to Ishinomaki to see (meet) Yoko and her customers last December.

The article talks about how we started this project. Besides at the Tokyo Great International Quilt Festival which is held on Jan 20th for 9 days, we begin selling a set of postcards for raising donation to ship quilts and coverlets (crochet) from Europe to Ishinomaki.

If a few of you could go checking the Tokyo Dome Show, you would see a couple of quilts and coverlets at our booth which we brought from Europe with us.

Here is the same article online where you can see the colored picture.

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Bricolos du Lundi said...

Great !! Very good news .. I hope you will have big success with your postcards !
See you soon... in February in Paris.