Workshops in Thailand

As an annual event we went to Bangkok and Chiang Mai to give workshops from the end of March to the beginning of April.

On the 30th of March which was the first day of our stay, we gave one of each quilting lesson in the morning and afternoon at Pao's atelier.

Morning lesson

Afternoon lesson

Some could get a technique called rocking stitch during the lesson!

On the 31st of March and the 1st of April, we gave one of each lesson at the Windsor Suites Hotel in Bangkok.

The 31st

The 1st

We all had lunch together at the same Chinese restaurant which was located on the 2nd floor of the building.

Kob (Pao's husband)
I just wanted to mention that this was not all for him!

In the morning of the 2nd we flew to Chiang Mai which may have been the 2nd most popular city in Thailand following Bangkok.

Before setting up the workshop at the Centara hotel we stopped by this beautiful tea house where we could hang out for hours and hours.

On the 3rd of April we gave a workshop in Chiang Mai for the first time. 20 people signed up for it! Thank you!

One of the pleasures when you stay in Bangkok might be delicious fruits.
Personally I loved Pomelo, and mango with sticky rice and coconut milk! It's tasty!

We could see some familiar faces who cared about Japan because of the natural disaster last March. Since then Thailand also had been in a very difficult time affected by the flood.
However about 135 people joined our workshops in all!
Khob Khun Mak Ka!

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