Students' works

Until last year we had had our exhibition at the Tokyu department store every other year for the past 10 years, but we decided to do it every year.

As it was hard to make a quilt as big as a bed coverlet in a year, as a new twist, we made mini quilts in wooden frames.

The size of the frames were 36x36cm. They could put little things between the glass and the quilt on the carton board.

It is a shame that I can not share all the works with you but please enjoy some!  

The pieces didn't have to be quilts so there were various ones with embroidery, Punchneedle and cross-stitch.

Not only framed quilts but bed coverlet quilts that students in the Osaka school made were also exhibited.


Anonymous said...

Too bad we can not see it!
You should make a book!
Kisses, Mary

Laura said...

I LOOOVE your quilts. You're an artist.
Regards from Spain.