Workshops in Okayama and Takamatsu

We had been invited to give one of each workshop in Okayama and Takamatsu by a Japanese retail chain company called "Dream" and visited the shops last week.

We took the Shinkansen (the super express train) from Tokyo to Okayama in the morning, which took us more than 3 hours to get there.

The first workshop began at 12:30pm.

Using the interfacing, we made a bag with the orange peel pattern. After a short break during the workshop, students practiced embroidering with a special embroidery needle which had 2 eyes!

At the end of the workshop, everybody got together to take a picture.

The manager of the Okayama shop was a young lady who worked really hard and helped us a lot. Thank you!

Please take a look at the map below. The next workshop of the following day was in Takamatsu (A was where we were and B was where we were supposed to go next.) which was located across Seto Inland Sea. As soon as we said goodbye to the manager we headed to Takamatsu with a special train which went under Great Seto bridge. 

The train looks like this ......

Here are pictures that we took on a train and it was the best time to enjoy the sunset!

The 2nd day in Takamatsu

Takamatsu is a city which is famous for Udon. Have you ever heard of Udon before?
Udon is a kind of Japanese noodle which is made of wheat flour. It usually comes with a cup of cold soup (Zaru-Udon) or is in a bowl of hot soup (Kake-Udon).

We had Zaru-Udon and Kamatama-Udon (the local speciality) for lunch.

The noodles were very chewy and tasted great!

The 2nd workshop began at 12:30pm as well as the last one.

One of the students brought a backpack using my old collection "American Country which was made for her boy.


domyR974 said...

HI I have seen you with Marlène au fait main à Paris- I would like to know if you could give me the adresses of quilt shops in TOKYO because a friend of my friend will go there.. and he could buy us fabrics from japan !!!! thanks for your answer before it ! kisses - DOMY from la Reunion island (the small blond girl you have seen .. but I know you have seen so many people you and your daughter when you were in PARIS !!!

CRIB QUILT said...

Hello Domy, thanks for leaving the comment here. As for quilt shops in Tokyo, there are different kinds, so please email me (Emi, Masako's daughter)at office@crib.co.jp and I would love to help your friend!