Journey to Europe 2: Lea Stansal

On September 9th, after checking L'aiguille en fete PRO we went seeing an exhibition of an amazing artist, Lea Stansal with our friend, Claire.

Her style is very distinctive. The bold combination of colors, threads and fabrics catches our eyes.

When we were invited to exhibit Masako's quilts at a quilt show in Wilverwiltz, Luxembourg, Britta who was a German artist and exhibited her works just in front of us said, "There was a wonderful book sold at Marylene's booth. I'm sure you will like it, so please check it out!".

This is how we knew Lea's books.

Marylene and Claire were Lea's students and let us know about the exhibition before leaving Japan.

The theme was "BOX".  Different kinds of boxes were displayed on the beautifully complicated wooden 3D structures.
It might be boring just to lay boxes in line. But this display showed us boxes at different angles.

This is her new book where all boxes are shown.

Can you see a sticker where numbers are written down in the picture?
The first number,12 means 2012 and she numbered each box.
Why do you think she did it? Because the boxes were available!

Unfortunately the one I wished to have was her favorite and unavailable.

She is slightly older, but more energetic than me! I am learning a lot from her!

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