Many of you might wonder what is Moomin?
It is a Finnish picture book with animations which has been quite popular among Japanese women.

I still remember that it was broadcast when I was little and was definitely one of my favorites.

I am not sure why it attracts so many Japanese women. But it is adorable.

Moomin and his family live in the Moomin valley.
They are white and chubby fairy tale characters which somehow resemble hippopotamuses.

The famous Japanese quilter, Yoko Saito, creates its world by quilting.
According to her, she was not allowed to use any other colors than the authentic ones used in the original books.

This was on the flyer of the event, beautifully hand appliqued and with fine hand quilting. 

Who wouldn't adore the family?
Papa with his black hat on and Mama carrying her pocketbook.

Look at them.
They are pieced! I would love to have them!

Their house was especially made for this show.

If you walk to the other side, you can see the inside where miniature furniture and even quilts are displayed. 

This is a huge tapestry.

There were a number of Moomin quilts exhibited which were made by Yoko's students, I assume.

This is what I liked the most.
I simply liked the combinations of colors and the symmetry of the design.


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bricolos du lundi said...

thanks emi for this "reportage" on the exhibition ! so cute and so far from us !!