The first trip to Jakarta #2 Workshop

Masako and I had never been to Indonesia.
Dessy and Yos, a married couple, visited our booth at the Tokyo Dome Show at the end of January and decided to arrange a workshop for the beginning of April! 
There wasn't much time but we were able to schedule two wonderful workshops.

The workshops were held on the 5th and 6th of April and we taught different techniques each day.
On the first day we did trapunto. 
Most of the students had never done it before, but they seemed to understand.
Using cotton cord is much easier than the traditional method of stuffing from the wrong side of the quilt.

First Dessy introduced Masako.

On the second day we taught punch needle.
Punch needle is always very popular wherever we go.

The students were more experienced than we expected.

Some finished the flip of the project during the workshop! 

At the end of the workshop we gave each student a certificate.
We had one male student! 
He told us that, since he was a child, he liked drawing and doing collage.
This was his first time quilting but he had done embroidery, beading and painting before.
He did a wonderful job on his punch needle project!

Day One

We didn't know where we should look with too many cameras!

Day Two

Yos, Masako, Dessy and me.

We hope to see them there again!


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