The 1st Crib Quilt South Asia Tour 2016 - Singapore and Malaysia - Singapore

Our first south Asia tour 2016 to Singapore and Malaysia began on the 17th of August.
We had been invited to give workshops at Sing Mui Heng which is a wholesale craft shop based in Singapore. And it was our first to go to Malaysia. 

As the first story, I would like to share with you photos of the workshop in Singapore.

As soon as we arrived at a hotel "Hotel Indigo", Masako's heart instantly smiled because she loves Peranakan style. Displays related to Peranakan could be found anywhere in the hotel!

Take a close look at the bottom of the sink. It's an antique sewing machine!

It is difficult for non local people to understand and define Peranakan. But as far as I know, the first immigrants from China, either to Singapore or Malaysia developed their original culture by marring native people. The culture flourished and is called "Peranakan".
The males who married native women were Baba and the females who married native men were Nyonnya.

Where we had breakfast and lunch during our stay was an incredibly charming cafe, Baba Chews, located the next to the hotel building.

On the first morning, it took Masako quite a long time to choose what she was going to eat!
We cannot eat large potions of food, so they are served in the perfect size for us!

One evening, we had dinner at Baba Chews with a couple, Zen and Wuxi (Sing Mui Heng people) . Every dish was terrific!

The workshops were held at venues in the hotel. 

Sing Mui Heng staff member on the left and Wuxi on the right, busy with preparations for the classes!

We gave two workshops for two days and each had 20 students!

Wearing American Country 16 panel aprons

Day 1 workshop students 

We had a male student on the 2nd day. He was so good at sewing and very quick to understand! Great sewer!

 Day 2 workshop students

Some students were familiar and it was our pleasure to see them again!
Thank you to all of the students and special thanks to Zen and Wuxi, the couple from Sing Mui Heng!


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