Are you in the mood for the new kits?

Our new kits have come out. It's a relatively large collection so please find one you like!

13M-1a  4000JPY  33x36x12cm

a pocket on a side

13M-1b  4000JPY  33x36x12cm

a pocket on a side

13M-1a and 1b include each one panel fabric which is more than enough to make a bag.
With the rest of it, you can make cushions and pouches, anything you like.





13M-2  5700JPY  29x38x8cm

There is a pocket with a zipper inside, which is quite useful. 

13M-3  3500JPY  21x35x8cm

13M-4a  4000JPY  

13M-4b  4000JPY

13M-5  6000JPY 24x34x12cm  comes with a pouch 22x13cm below  

13M-6  4500JPY  45x45cm

13M-8  1800JPY  12x20x7cm

13M-9a  3600JPY

13M-9b  3600JPY

Do you see a difference between 13M-9a and 9b? The light blue is a bit bigger than the blue one.
Each kit includes fabrics with which you can make either of a big or small bag.
A direction in a kit explains a way of making both sizes.
Please choose either one according to the colors.

13M-10  9500JPY

A box has an entire fabric collection, American Country 13.

If you wish to place an order, please email me at office@crib.co.jp

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