Thank you for coming!

Hello, dear all. It's Emi.
Our first exhibition of the year held in Tokyo was finished last Tuesday.
We thank you who visited us and would like to share photos from the exhibit with you who could not make it.

As always the ad flag was waiting for you to come.

At the entrance there was a room which was decorated with Masako's works.
You see her latest quilt which was exhibited at the Tokyo Dome Show last January, hanging on a wall.

Some works using Masako's newest fabric collection "American Country 13".

Fortunately many new students had joined us since last year so there were a number of  first quilts that they made.
I chose some quilts out of countless quilts, from the experienced ones to the fresh ones.
It is a shame that I can not post here all.

Gorgeous Baltimore album quilt
I especially like the color combinations.
How soft and delicate ....

We bought this embroidery book in Paris. One of our colleagues liked it so much that she tried some motifs and combined them with crochet flowers. An intricate work. 

Which design is your favorite?

I have seen numbers of wedding ring quilts before, but it was my first to see the one with these rose designs applique. The maker will dedicate it to her 2nd daughter who is going to get married soon.

A combination of crochet and quilt patterns.
Looks simple but very pretty.

This is the very Masako's way. This white quilt consisted of some blocks assembled by double crochet.

This is not only a typical red work quilt. Look at it in detail.

The maker made 2882 hexagon pieces and put them all around the embroideries.

Lovely patterns

There is a wonderful story behind this quilt. The maker's daughter works for a kindergarten and made a picture book for her pupils. It is about a rabbit tailor. She has animal customers and likes making  made-to-order clothes. One day a bear visits her shop, but unfortunately he is too big to make clothes with fabrics that she has. Once the animals hear that story, they offer fabrics that they have with pleasure then the rabbit pieces fabrics to make it.

All of designs are from the picture book. How special!

Have you ever seen one of those quilts before?

Last July the maker went to Seattle for pleasure and visited a museum where a quilt exhibition of African American quilts was held. This was one of quilts which she was amazed and inspired by.
She needed so many fabrics to make it and asked her friends to give her some. Therefore it was so memorable to her, because when she sees it, it reminds her of her friends.
Here is a post of the quilt exhibit in Seattle
Exhibit in Seattle

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