A company trip to Nagano and Yamanashi

Everyone in CRIB QUILT family went to Nagano and Yamanashi for a company trip the 26th and 27th of August.

We visited an old street called Nawate street and Matsumoto City Museum to see an exhibition by Mary Blair, a famous Disney animator. (wesbite)

After enjoying her artwork, we visited VICTORIAN CRAFT where we discovered a nice selection of antique and vintage furniture, doors, lamp shades and stained glass. (website)

After shopping we quenched our thirsty on the terrace of this cafe.

It was so relaxing to sit outside over tea overlooking a river. 

In the evening we headed over to Kiyosato which is a town in Yamanashi prefecture.

We had an incredible dinner at Le Mariage (wesbite), a French restaurant in an aberge called Cote de Vert.
They specializes on gibier cuisine which is hard to find in Tokyo. It was definitely a wonderful treat!

The restaurant has their private garden where they grow organic vegetables so it's clear to see how fresh they are.

The seasonal vegetables were amazing and we realized more fully that summer is the best season for vegetables.

It had been so long since I had the freshwater fish last time.
The trout tasted really nice!

Have you ever had gibier cuisine before?
We enjoyed venison and wild boar.  You might think they would be gamey and a little smelly but they weren't at all.
The executive chef explained that trapping them instead of shooting them makes a big difference in terms of taste.

A handsome chef!

It was so much cooler than Tokyo so it was a perfect getaway!


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