Have you see the French movie Popualire?
It'a love story about a young woman and man that revolves around a typewriter.

In the 1960's working as a secretary was a dream job for young woman and typing was definitely one of skills that they had to excel at.

The story begins with a girl Rose going to a large town in Normandy to apply for a job of an insurance company which was run by a guy called Louis.

She has a unique skill ... She can type fast with just two fingers, that brings her a job as a secretary.

As she is inexperienced and accident-prone, Louis starts training her for speed-typing contests instead of working at his office.

I don't want to give away too much, so please watch it if you like.

Those of you who enjoy vintage fashion will absolutely love Rose's sense of fashion as well as classic cars and the wonderful colors of the period.

When I got home from the theatre, I remembered that I had a vintage typewriter I received from one of my American friends.

It's an olivetti. Unfortunately it was out of ink and I'm not sure if they still sell the ink for it.I didn't know how to use it at all so Masako was kind enough to show me.
I didn't know even how to slide a piece of paper into it.
It was harder than I expected ... It must have been hard to type over 600 letters within a space of five minutes.
But it looks lovely, doesn't it?


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