Our second workshop in Singapore

Hello, Emi here.
Masako and I went to Singapore on July 24th for 6 days to give some workshops.

The young couple who organized the workshop, Zen and WuXi run a wonderful chain of quilt shops called Sing Mui Heng; (their website)

An event venue was great! They rented a large hall at Singapore Swimming Club that only allows members to enter. So every student was given a pass to get into the building.
We gave one-day-workshop on 26th and 27th, one of each. 

A lovely view of the pool at night

At the beginning of the workshop, we gave a small talk about Masako's quilts and her new design fabric collection "American Country 13". 

We covered a lot of ground. We focused on Piecing paper in the morning and Punchneedle and Crochet in the afternoon!
We tried to maintain a comfortable pace and explained everything step by step.
We really enjoyed and appreciated the wonderful feedback from the students! 

At 12:30pm, we all had lunch together. 

It was a nice Chinese buffet!
From left to right, Staffs, Masako, Wuxi and me 

At the end of the both workshops, we took photos with all of the students.

It was like a big photo shoot! We had twenty cameras going at once so it was hard to know where to look. How happy we all were.

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