Great Singaporean Cuisine

Good food makes all the difference in the world when traveling.

In that regard, Singapore would be the right place to visit!

The first evening, we went to a seafood restaurant called "Long Beach".

Steamed Live Scottish Razor Clam with minced garlic.
It tasted really good.

My favorite was the chicken and rice!

We went to a restaurant we visited last year called "Chatterbox" .
Once again the food left me speechless.
I had the chicken and rice meal, which consisted of drumstick meat and 3 different sauces, rice and vegetable soup. I especially liked the ginger sauce.

Have you ever been to the Swiss restaurant "Marche restaurant" ?
I had never heard of it and was pleasantly surprised by the unique style.

You are given a plastic card at the entrance that you give the chef when you order or choose a dish.

You select whatever you like from the wide variety of dishes like soup, salad, meat, seafood, sandwich wrap, paella,rosti, drinks and desserts.
I was stunned by not only the wonderful selection, but also by how delicious it all was.
Moreover, the chefs prepare your dishes right in front of you on the spot so you know it's fresh.I had a sandwich wrap and Masako had paella.
Why don't we have any restaurants like this in Japan?! We're awaiting your arrival!

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