Thrilled to share photos from the exhibition in Osaka 1

I meant to write a story about the first exhibition in Tokyo which was held from the 14th to 19th of May. But many photos of exhibited quilts are duplicated, so I chose to write about the one in Osaka in detail.

As I mentioned, the main theme of the exhibitions was “Garden Party”. We asked the very well known flower arrangement artist, Sara Hanamura, to have fresh flowers decorate the quilt exhibition.

At the entrance to the exhibition, there was a signboard filled with beautiful flowers. The exhibition was held on the 9th floor of Hankyu department store. 

You are now entering our quilt garden party.

The white birch house welcomes you!

The house was made by a friend of Masako’s who is a carpenter living in the country.
He carefully selected suitable blanches to form this house. Some were twisted and some were large. So I can imagine it was hard to pick the right ones, especially the folk shaped ones, for poles.

It is based on an idea of a garden tool shed. The quilts which surround the house are some of Masako's quilts symbolizing "Garden" and "Forest" that go well and reflect the theme.


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thapthim said...

so creativity and beautiful indeed . Congratulations on your success .