Thrilled to share photos from the exhibition in Osaka 5

Have you ever heard of an “Air Photographer”?
A friend of Ms. Sara Hanamura is one of two air photographers in Japan. His name is Teruyoshi Tago.
He flies a paraglider powered by a motor and takes photos and videos.
He shares short version videos of this three DVDs, for promotion, on youtube. Please enjoy.

He gave a presentaion each day during the exhibition.
With the motor, he can keep flying for two and one half hours. Putting a video camera on his lap, a photo camera in his right hand, he operates the paraglider with his left hand.
The paraglider has a number of strings handing down from the wing. The wing is very light like, about 5kg.
According to him, the view from the sky looks like a “Patchwork” of local living.

His machine comes apart completely so that he ca take it abroad for a shoot.

He has been to many places in Japan as well as to  Madagascar, the United States, Europe and China.

He points out that what our life makes more impressive is to have a way to change the view toward things surrounding us. I think it’s true.
Here is his website .


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