A trip to Paris 2015 "l'aiguille en fete"

"l'aiguille en fete" is a handcraft show which is always held in the heart of Paris in the cold month of February.
(Thank godness, this time it was not as cold as when we were invited to the show in 2012. )

"I'aiguille en fete" means needle festival in English and it is literary the festival of any handcrafts using a needle.

There were a lot of vendors who were selling yarn for knitting and kits for embroidery and quilting.

Aimee is the owner of the store called "L'Oisive The" and gives you a wide choice of beautiful yarn coming from all over the world!
She brought the good news that she will be opening up her second store in Paris!

Rosa from Apliquick patchwork.
She sells wonderful rods with which you can applique, no matter what shape, even if you have struggled before.

Have you joined a speed knitting contest? 
If you were there, you would not believe how fast they knitted!

Every time we visit Paris we always ask Claire and her friends if they have time to join us for dinner. They all took part in a project called "Patch for Japan " which sent quilts and crocheted blankets to people living in Ishinomaki who were affected by the tsunami in 2011.

When handcrafters get together after the show, they always share what they bought with each other. 
Masako gave them a mini workshop at a bistro! 



bricolos du lundi said...

Hi Masako,

it was nice to see you in Paris .. and we hope we will share these moments next time !

Evelyne said...

Bonjour Emi et Masako. C'était un plaisir de partager cette soirée avec vous. Evelyne