TOKYO International Great Quilt Festival 2015 : A program on stenciling

Masako delivered a program on stenciling on the 23rd of January at the quilt show.

To begin with, she spoke about how the stencil was developed and how it affected the way of living in America under financially difficult times and circumstances. Many people could not afford wall paper and furniture in the nineteenth century. This type of stenciling emerged from the desire to decorate the interiors of their homes.

Masako also told about an American lady who is now 101 years old and still living on her own on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
We visited her home to celebrate her 100th birthday with Irene,our American friend, and were inspired by her stenciled walls and furniture and hand stenciled quilts as well.

Masako wanted to combine stenciling with quilting and created some templates to make patchwork pattern designs.
It's currently out of stock, but will be available online soon.


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