Workshop by Lynette Anderson

Many of you have heard of or met the very well known quilt designer, Lynette Anderson.

Lynette and Masako were both invited to the first international quilt show in Norway last September. Lynette told us that she was planning to come to the Tokyo Dome Show for her personal enjoyment.

She has had a booth three times at the Tokyo Dome Show and most of our students recognized her.

So we asked her if she would give a workshop for us after the show and she immediately answered yes, with pleasure!

We were wondering how many students would sign up for the workshop because we had never invited any artists/teachers before.

It turned out that sixty-six (66) students wanted to join and we split them into two (2) groups.

Our store doesn't have enough space to have more than thirty (30) students at the same time. So we decided to rent a classroom of FUJIX (the leading Japanese thread company) , which was definitely the perfect place.

The workshops were held on the 29th and 30th of January and each class began at 11 am.

At the show in Norway, we delivered a fifteen minute speech and Lynette brought a slideshow, using her computer. She told us how she got interested and involved in quilting along with her stories of her family.
We liked her program very much and asked her to bring it to our workshop to share with the students.

Small, beautiful applique and stitchery are her specialty. It was a treat to be able to see her sewing up close.

When Lynette gives a workshop, she always prepares a secret surprise for the students.
She brought four stickers (two students for each of two days) and put them under the chairs.
At the end of the workshop, she said "Look under your chair and you may find something." 
They are the lucky students to receive one of her nice gifts.

Day 1

Day 2 

Lynette was kind enough to have brought as many quilts as she could and needless to say, our students appreciated her country style works very much.
She always had a smile on her face and answered every question that the students asked.

Thank you, Lynette, for a great time!


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