My trip to Brisbane, Australia 2 -Animals-

Meet the wonderful animals that I saw in Australia!

There is a zoo called "Australia Zoo" (website) which is a 30 minute drive from Lynette's home. You see animals which you may also be able to see in your countries such as giraffes, rhinoceros and tigers, as well as Australian endemic species such as koalas, kangaroos and wombats.

I adored his sleeping face. It was so special to see him taking a walk on the lead.

There are two different types of free range kangaroos.
Their hair was much softer than I had imagined!

But you might not necessarily go to a zoo to see kangaroos because there are lots of wild kangaroos in town!

One evening, on the way home in the car .... Do you see him watch us in the distance?

When it comes to Australian endemic species, Koalas must top the list.

Drowsy eyes!

July is one of the best months to enjoy whale watching.
I have to admit that I was not sure if I would be OK on a ferry, BUT I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to see whales with my own eyes!

About 20 minutes off shore, we saw the first whale!
But then I realized that I was seasick. The ferry stopped and stood still to watch the whales, ( that's what they do) and that made me soooo sick.

This is the only photo that I could take.

I knew it would be a four hour cruise; and for the remaining 3 1/2 hours, I was longing to be back on land again.

But, Lynette, thank you for taking me on the ferry! I do appreciate it!

Let me introduce the animals at Lynette's!

Fat cat. That's what Lynette and Vince call him.

I just adored him. When he finds a hand, no matter whose one it is, he rubs his head against it. I can almost hear him say "Pat me!".

On the other hand, he prefers his personal space and we should honor that.

Hugo often appears in Lynette's works.
Every time I saw him he had different things, such as cushions, and sometimes shoes in his mouth. He is so precious.

 Lastly, I show you some examples of Australian wild cuisine.

Camel burgers

Kangaroo sausages

Crocodile curry

Which one would you like to try for your dinner?


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