My trip to Brisbane, Australia 3 -Nature-

This is going to be my last report about my trip.

First of all, let me show you where I was in the gigantic land of Australia.

Brisbane is located between Cains in the north and Sydney in south.

On the weekend Lynette and Vince took me to Great Sandy National Park.

Noosa river meanders through towns to Lake Cooroibah.
Mangrove trees grow in the saline river.

To get to the beach you need to cross this river.
The boat ride is only a few minutes.

It felt strange to be on the boat in a car crossing the river!

A few minutes drive brought us to the beautiful beach!

Driving on the beach was a new and special experience for me.

Even after a 30 minute drive, the unbroken beach view continued.

Turing left off the beach there was a completely different world waiting for us.

It was rainforest.

You see how big those trees are relative to the size of our car.

And now I understand why only 4WD cars are allowed to enter this area. The roads are very rough and uneven. I said to Lynette, "It feels like a real "Indiana Jones" to me!"

We had lunch in the shade of the trees, overlooking the beach. How beautiful it is!

The lovely couple, Lynette and Vince.
Thank you both, I had an amazing time!


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