Crib Quilt Tour To Ireland And London 1

Crib Quilt organizes an international tour every other year and it is exclusive to our students! Last time was the trip to Norway and Sweden 2014.

And this year ..... it was to Ireland and London!!!

First we arrived in Dublin in the evening of September 30th.
The following day, at the venue of our hotel, an Irish crochet workshop was held by Ms. Anne Greene and her friend.

She brought some of her works to share with us and they were breathtakingly intricate and gorgeous!

She mentioned that it took her six months to finish one work.

The key to improve your any handcraft skill is to see beautiful examples which will keep you motivated and inspired.
We tried one of those traditional Irish crochet motifs, which is Irish rose.

Oh, you see a huge difference between two examples. The one on the left is mine and the one on the right is Anne's.
It might have been better to pull the thread more tightly!

A group photo with Anne.

We had lunch together at a restaurant of the hotel and talked about what we do.  See the fantastic crochet cardigan!

In the afternoon we went to a  town called Kilkenny, by bus, to visit a famous porcelain shop, Nicolas Mosse.

How pretty they are! I felt like bringing all back home. But it was just a beginning of the trip and I ended up buying a set of nesting bowls.

The exterior of the shop is also very attractive. 

 Masako and I saw some of our students talking to a local gentleman and later found out that he was the owner, Nicolas Mosse!

On a bus on the way to Galway , we were lucky to see a big double rainbow!
It was so unlikely to happen in Japan that all of us tried to capture it with our cameras.


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