Crib Quilt Tour To Ireland And London 2

This was the highlight of the stay in Ireland and mattered most if it was good weather.
We left the hotel at 9 am to enjoy the view from the cliffs on Inishmore Island.

A seven minute flight by a small airplane, Cessna, brings you to the island.

It only fits 10 people! Big sounds and moves make you a little bit nervous, but it was so much fun and felt like an adventure.

The island consists of rocks. Every road is rocky, lumpy and rough. But there was nothing but just walking up to the top in order to see fantastic views!

On the way up we saw a herd of cows looking so comfortable sleeping or eating grass, which was a treat to the eyes. Look at the pretty yellow bird above. He was in a good mood and sang a beautiful song for us!

The wind blew strongly that day. But it looks calm and peaceful, doesn't it?

There you are! You are now on the highest point of the island!

It was so scary to approach the edge of the cliff because of the strong wind. I found it very surprising that there was no fence on the edge! I felt the powerful Atlantic Ocean was going to swallow me up. Although Masako looks pretty happy!

We had lobster for lunch at a restaurant on the island. It was really a nice taste. We highly recommend visiting the island!


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