Crib Quilt Tour To Ireland And London 3

One morning in Galway.
It was not raining, but gloomy, and the wind was still strong.

In the morning a knitting workshop was held on the second floor of  a cafe.

The teacher was Anne O'Maille, owner of the beautiful O'Maille's yarn shop located on the main shopping street of Galway.

There are so many styles of knitting. Many of our students including our staff are knowledgeable about knitting; but Anne taught us a totally different way of casting on, using a knit and purl method! This way of casting on was an eye opener to all of us!

We tried a couple of different knitting patterns. They came out nice!

Since the venue was on the second floor of a cafe, a nice aroma was spreading around while we were knitting. At noon finally the lunch time has come! There were three choices and I chose a salad with quinoa and lentil. 

We left Galway in the afternoon and headed to Dublin by bus.

We had dinner at a pub in Dublin.

You must try Guiness at least one time!

A special event was waiting for us.
The travel agency invited Irish dancers who showed their wonderful talent!  

While we were watching how fast their legs could move, they suddenly asked for some volunteers to join their dance!

I felt as though I was a dancer in a school play! But it was so much fun.


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