Trip to Paris 3 : Shopping

There are so many lovely shops in Paris. Here I would like to share ones we checked out with you.

Stationary  L'Ecritoire

They sell unique letter sets which have triangle and star- shaped envelops and are difficult to find in Japan. They seem to have a lot of customers from Japan, as we found some descriptions in Japanese!

 Address: 61 rue St-Martin 4e  Phone:01 42 78 01 18  Closed: Sunday

Brocant, Boutique and Tea salon   Mamie Gateau

They have those 3 shops on the same street. Each one is beautifully decorated as French country chic.

The owner in the picture is in charge of Brocant and Boutique and her Japanese wife is in charge of tea salon. We had a wonderful lunch there.

Address :66 rue du Cherche-midi 75006  Phone:01 42 22 32 15  Closed: Sunday and Monday


I'm sure you living in Europe know this very well, but unfortunately we don't have Oysho in Japan! They have pretty inner wear. 
Oysho website

They have 5 shops in Paris. This is one of them.
Address:74 rue du Rivoli

Entree des Fournisseurs

You can get anything about sewing. There are buttons, ribbons, yarn, fabrics and embroidery materials!

Address: 8 rue des Francs Bourgeois 75003  Phone:01 48 87 58 98  Closed: Sunday

La Croix et La Maniere

You might have seen her works somewhere before. Some books are sold in Japan as well.
Monique Lyonnet is a well known cross stitch artist.

They sell linen and fabrics in light and soft colors, which is totally her taste.

With Monique

her website 

Address:36 Rue Faidherbe 75011  Phone:01 43 72 99 09   Closed: Sunday and Monday

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