U.S. business trip 1 - at Irene's -

When we had a booth for the first time at a quilt festival in Houston 3-4 years ago, Irene stopped by and bought some items. That's how we met.
Since the earthquake happened on Mar.11, we started to keep in touch again and she offered to let us stay at her house!

Irene and her husband, Roger lives in New Hartford. We arrived at an airport in Hartford on Oct.27 morning where they were waiting for us to come!

She baked three different home made cakes so we tried a pumpkin one which was  my favorite as brunch.

In the afternoon, we went to two quilt shops in town then suddenly Irene asked us a  question ... "Are you interested in Nantucket baskets? Because one of my neighbours make them. Would you like to take a look?"
Our answer was of course "YES!"

Her name was Ruth. Her baskets were amazingly beautiful! She had different molds to weave and displayed them at her living room! It certainly had a lovely country look!

Not to mention, I bought one of them:-)


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