U.S. business trip 3 - Snow Storm -

On Oct.28, Roger told us that a big snow storm would come to the town and nobody could believe it as it was the end of October!

But it did come on the following day ...

Keely loved playing in the snow!

Then the worst thing happened at 8pm ... yes, the power went out!!!!
The snow was wet and heavy so that  power lines went down on streets.

We could not use electricity or water either.

But it was a beautiful morning. Everything was covered by snow ... so romantic.

Roger worked very hard with his snow blowing machine.

We had to leave Hartford for Houston to give a class at the show.
Look at the photos ... we had never seen a thing like that before!

We made it to the airport, as Roger was a good driver!

We could not say a proper good bye to Irene, Roger and Keely because we were too excited about it. Thank you so much guys. We hope to visit you again soon!

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