A company trip to France 1

Until September 2012 we had a booth at an international quilt show which was held in a small town in the Alsace region. For the first time Masako chose not to participate in but to visit it with our colleagues for pleasure!
(Patchwork Europe)

We stayed at a hotel in Strasbourg for three nights. An hour and a half drive brought us to the show.

It was revealing to see the show from a customer's point of view instead of actually taking part in it.
And we met some familiar customers who immediately recognized us and asked "Where is your booth?"

There were some exhibitions in a theater, church and craft shops. Having a map in hand, we wandered around and enjoyed the town and the exhibits without the responsibility of running our booth.

(Maker's information)

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(The biggest exhibition, more info)

We left the show at 4 PM and headed back to our town, Strasbourg and walked around until dinner.

Strasbourg is located close to the Rhine River, the border between France and Germany. This area is especially called "La Petite France" and the architecture shows the German influence. Until 1944, Strasbourg had been alternately dominated by France and Germany several times, so many people in Alsace region speak both languages.

This is the one church that you cannot miss while you are staying in Strasbourg.
Strasbourg Cathedral (Notre-Dome de Strasbourg).

It was impossible to photograph the immense height of the building.
At 142 meters, it was the world's tallest building from 1647 until 1874. Today it is the sixth tallest church in the world. 

Construction began in 1015 and finished in 1439, which means it took over 400 years. I wondered how on earth people back then were capable of making this gigantic and beautiful building.     


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