A company trip to France 2

On our third day in Alsace , we visited the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle which has a nice- century history. My knowledge of European history is not adequate to tell you all about it so please visit their website, if you like.

It is located on a rocky spur overlooking the Alsatian plain, with a marvelous view.

Because of this, it was used by successive powers from the Middle Ages until the Thirty Years War when it was abandoned.
Under the reign of Emperor Wilhelm II it was restored and is now a major tourist site.

A highlight of my stay in Alsace was meeting our friends in an old and attractive town of Riquewihr.
I think Riquewihr is the most charming town in this area. Whenever I visit there, there seem to be many other tourists as well.

It is said that one can tell how hard a wife works by the cleanliness of the windows in her house. Perhaps that is one reason why many windows are fully decorated with beautiful flowers.

It always brings us a lot of joy to meet our friends and spend some time together.
But alas, it was not enough time to catch up on all the news. We needed more than one day!

We stopped by a house in a small town, Beblenheim, which we had stayed in several times when we came on business. It is B&B run by a lovely couple who made us feel so welcome.

They gave us a bottle of white wine as a gift, which was very kind and thoughtful of them.
Most people in this region are involved in some way with the wine industry and know what variety is especially good.


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