A company trip to France 3 ~PARIS~

On our fourth day in France, we took TGV from Strasbourg to Paris.

 Our train departed at 11:42 AM, heading to Paris East station.
As we neared Paris, the sky began to cry. Rain drops were rolling down the street under gloomy skies.

I was anxious about the weather because the following day we planned to go to some flea markets. The next morning the sunny sky blew away my concern!

Masako with the owner of our favorite sewing shop

Masako with the owner of our favorite button shop
Unlike Japan, almost all the shops in Paris are closed on weekends, which makes it difficult to find a place to eat.
For the first time we visited one of open air markets called Marche Raspail.

On Sundays they have a bio market where you can buy fresh vegetables, meat, fish, bread, cheese, flowers and some deli products too.

Masako and I bought risotto from this charming man! It tasted really good.
In the evening we went to see the Eiffel tower.

The lady always looks graceful and even more so when she's illuminated.
It was very surprising to me to hear that there was a controversy during its construction. Many people were against it being built. 
Have you heard of a story about Maupassant? He hated the tower but kept going to his favorite restaurant which was just in front of the tower. When he was asked why, he replied "This is the only place all over Paris where I don't have to see the tower."  Things have changed to date. This must be the most visited building in the world!

The next morning I opened a window in our hotel room from where I could see the tower.
It absolutely made my day, Maupassant!


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