A company trip to France 4 ~PARIS~

This is going to be my final report on our trip to France!

Do you remember our project which supported the people living in Ishinomaki who were affected by Tsunami? In March of 2012 we sent them quilts and crocheted blankets which were made and donated by many people?
Marylene in Belgium led the quilt project and Claire in Paris led the crochet one. Ever since we have been touch with Claire and visit her when we go to Paris. (her blog writing about the project

We met at a galette restaurant where we enjoyed crapes and cider.

Claire is well versed on craft information in the area. She heard that the first Sajou shop in Paris had recently opened.
Using her mobile phone, she was able to get the address.
When we arrived, we smelled ink because the shop had just opened two hours earlier.

We were definitely the first Japanese customers and the shop workers were excited to have a group of customers from Japan.

The owner of Sajou; a wonderful lady. Her daughter works for her as I work for my mother.

Montmartre is another place that we recommend, especially for those of you who like the film, AMELIE. (Audrey Tautou plays Amelie and she is so adorable in it.)

Montmartre is also well known as a fabric wholesale district.
We purchased some fabrics to make dresseses.

This is our favorite shop where you can enjoy a nice lunch and some crocheting and knitting too.

Masako's favorite, mouillette

There are wonderful varieties of yarn which are hard to find in Japan.

Aimee, on the right, is a shop owner who always welcomes us with pleasure. She is a warm and caring lady.  
We were lucky to be able to meet Cecile Balladino, a knit and crochet desinger, on the left . We all asked her to have pictures taken with us and for her autograph on her beautiful book. (her blog)

Thank you, France, for such wonderful memories!


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Bricolos du lundi said...

I guess it was a divine surprise for Sajou !
I hope you enjoyed it.
Indeed, when you went there, it was before the official opening announcement !
Next time I will show you another yarn shop in Paris that opened few months ago where you can also have drink, sit and knit !

See you next time