Shop windows in the Hankyu department store in Osaka

Sara Hanamura is a wonderful Japanese flower arrangement artist .
She used to have a studio and gave classes in Nara prefecture but chose to close it some years ago.
Masako has great respect for her and looks up to her.

The Hankyu department store is one of the most popular department stores in that area and the building finished its renovation last year.
For its renewal Sara was asked to decorate the shop windows with flowers. 
Unfortunately, we missed the first exhibition at the renewal and the second one in March. But, finally, we were able to visit the third exhibit.

The theme was "Flower Fantasy in Autumn ~ a flow of breeze and stream~ " and there was an actual stream with flowing water.

Seven windows, measuring four by seven meters each, were her canvas.
We cannot even imagine coming up with these different designs!
These windows, with living flowers, were seen by many people passing by every day. 
They were breathtakingly beautiful.

These mushrooms were made especially for the windows to suit the depth of one meter. It is narrower than the actual shape considering it is seen from the front. 
That's why every piece will be discarded when the three week exhibition is over. 
I wish I had a huge house to keep them all.

Now you can see the actual size of the window.

It is surprising and interesting to hear that the flowers need less care because of the LED lights. They continue to grow well!

My smart phone was not good enough to take these pictures because the lights on the windows are reflected in my pictures.

The next morning we decided to visit the exhibit again.
To our surprise, there were about twenty people, divided into seven groups, taking care of the flowers. Sara told us that she and her staff go every single day before its opening until the final day.

They water, pick up fallen petals and leaves and switch old plants for new ones. The man in the above photo was barefoot! 

Masako and Sara

We had dinner with Sara and she talked about great stories of behind the scenes activities.


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