Show and Tell

In Japan we don't have anything similar to "Show and Tell" where American quilters bring and share their projects including interesting information about each item.

Irene asked some of her friends to come and ten ladies got together for the gathering!

The ladies who attended and showed their quilts, paintings, dolls and counted cross stitch, accompanied by Irene's Golden Retriever, called Keely

It was fun to see many kinds of quilts and to listen to the stories of the ladies.

Eileen with her appliqued quilts

Rose and Masako holding Rose's green quilt that she does not like! The rest of us liked it very much.

Ruth, a Nantucket basket maker, with her Holly Hobby quilt

Maureen, wearing her quilted jacket and holding her quilted table runner

Lorrie with her black and white quilt which everyone loved!

Lorraine with her "Goose that ate the Golden Egg"

It didn't have to be quilts. One lady brought paintings and another brought dolls and still another bought counted cross stitch wall hangings.

Ronnie with one of her paintings

Irene with two of her counted cross stitch wall hangings

A nice surprise was waiting for us. Irene asked everyone to make a quilt square for Masako using blue in it but otherwise they were free to do whatever design, size and medium that they desired.
I really liked the sandal blocks. They actually come in a set and make a flying geese pattern spreading four pieces in all directions. As Masako often travels, a goose turns to be a sandal!

Masako with her blocks, the sandal one in the foreground.

The collection of blocks given to Masako

What are you doing to make with these, Masako? We are all curious to see the finished product.


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bricolos du lundi said...

Yes, we alle are waiting for Masako's touch with these blocks !