Masako's second and third Nantucket baskets from Ruth

As mentioned before, we missed an opportunity to visit the Nantucket Basket Museum.
Instead we visited one of Irene's friends, Ruth, who lives up the street from Irene's house.

Ruth makes beautiful Nantucket Lightship Baskets.
Actually, we visited her two years ago and bought a basket from her then.

Here is the link of the story.

We went upstairs to see her studio. 

A basket in progress on its mold

another basket in progress, so tiny!

The baskets are made from reed.

The bottoms of the baskets are made from various types of wood.

This is her special equipment with which she can weave more easily.

We cannot imagine how much time, energy and expertise are required to make one basket.

Ruth's basket mold collection

Masako and Ruth. You see a big smile on Masako's face.
Have you noticed a tiny basket which both Masako and Ruth are holding?
That was absolutely adorable.


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Anonymous said...

Masako! I did not know you were interested in basketmaking! Have you ever made one? If we had had more time we would have been able to talk about the recent basketmaking workshop I attended in Yosemite with Julia Parker...
will email you about it...