Sock lectures

When Irene stayed in our house last January, she was knitting socks. It inspired Masako and since then she has been into knitting socks.

But she had been wondering how Irene knitted the gusset which may be the most difficult part. Sock lectures were often held in different places during our trip to Nantucket.

In Roger's car heading to the port in Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA

Here the gusset part came. Irene was a great teacher and always patient with Masako and taught it step by step very kindly!

Masako and Irene at our B&B in Nantucket, MA

After leaving  New Hartford, we went to Houston to place orders for fabrics.
The photo below was taken at a hotel in Houston, TX as our visit was about to come to an end.

showing completed gusset of sock

Finally the sock was finished at the airport in Atlanta on the way back to Tokyo!
It looks lovely, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

handknit socks feel so good on the feet. i haven't made any for a long time. but maybe...