Bergen became one of my favorite cities because it offered so many places to visit!

There is an area called "Bryggen" (Norwegian for the quay) which has been the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site since 1979. Now it functions as a shopping district where you can get not only Norwegian traditional things, but fashionable Scandinavian design items as well.

The city of Bergen was founded before 1070 and has withstood many fires over the years.
Since buildings were wooden, many were lost this way although Bryggen has several buildings which are over 300 years old.

A shop selling hardanger embroidery creations.

He (She) is a guard of this old district.

Even McDonald's somehow looks nicer in the town.

We watched a TV program which featured Bergen. Sostrene Hagelin looked perfect for a quick bite so we had fish soup and some fish cakes at lunch! Needless to say, it tasted good.


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