Show and Tell

Masako was asked to give a speech in Norway with the topic being what motivated her to embark on her quilt journey.

To help illustrate her speech, we showed photos and quilts. We were very surprised to see the size of the audience!

Right before going on the stage with Lynette.

They are the teachers invited to the show.

Now it is our turn.

We spoke about our project called "Patch for Japan". 
The purpose was to provide handmade quilts, consisting of blocks with messages, to victims of the March 2011 tsunami.
Crocheted blankets were made in Europe as well and sent to a quilt shop in Ishinomaki. 
Quilting brings people together and unites them no matter where they live.


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Bricolos du lundi said...

Hello Emi and Masako ,

Nice to see you in Europe !
WIll you have a short stop in Paris ???
ANd nice to see you are speaking of THE project !!

See you soon
Claire (and Marylène in Paris with me today..)