"Norsk Quilte festival"

My mother and I returned home on the 21st of September from a two week trip to Scandinavian countries. 
She was invited to the First International Quilt Show which was organized by Kathrine, Asne and Siw, three Norwegian quilt shop owners.

We gave workshops for four days and taught different projects each of which focused on a particular technique, such as punch needle, trapunto and paper piecing.

Each class had almost thirty people. This is the maximum in a class taught by Masako in order for her to be able to give each student individual attention.

The students were great. They were very enthusiastic, friendly, hospitable and polite. They were always eager to learn as much as possible. 

You might notice that there are some Asians in the picture of the fourth day of classes.
Yes, they are our students from JAPAN! 
We arranged a tour to go to Bergen to visit the fjords and shop in Stockholm.
They joined us on the final day and sneaked into our classroom. 
When they entered, the Norwegian students welcomed them. Many of them were carrying handmade bags which were made in our classes in Japan.
They opened their bags and many other small handmade pouches came out, one after another! 

We had an interpreter each day. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph the second and third day interpreters. All of them were so helpful and knowledgeable about quilting. Thanks so much!

From left to right are Kathrine, Asne and Siw.

They came into the room, unannounced, to surprise the students.

The show had an exhibit area as well as a commercial area for the vendors.

There were more than twenty Norwegian quilt shops represented.

Two Masako's quilts were exhibited.

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