Gustav Porslinsfabrik

This story is going to be the last one about our September journey to the Scandinavian countries.

On the final day in Stockholm we took a bus to go to the Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum town.

The town has some shops which sell familiar items designed by the famous artist, Stig Lindberg, who belonged to Gustavsberg.
There are also Ittala (Finnish products), cafes, and a museum in the town. 

Masako bought some vintage plates at a local antique shop.

In the back side of the shop there was a small factory with a kiln which was firing porcelain products.

Some of you might have seen those pretty lions. They are designed by Lisa Larson who was also a designer of Gustavsberg.

We wanted to take one of them home with us.

Cafe Tornhuset, located in this area, is a perfect place to relax over lunch.

Masako and I ordered lunch plates.
Mine, on the right, was a big potato with salad and hers, on the left, was a mixed fresh salad.

One particular thing which impressed us the most was that people in Sweden and Norway are so friendly and hospitable.
At cafes, restaurants, department stores, and even on the street, they were always willing to help us when they realized we were bewildered or lost.

Tusen Takk!


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